Folklore-style Satire by Ladi Ladebo

35mm Colour/80mins © 1998 Release on DVD

FESPACO – 2001  Film Festival


  • Kunle Bamtefa
  • Femi Fatoba
  • Binta Mogaji
  • Norbert Young
  • Yanju Adegbite
  • Peter Fatomilola
  • Laide Adewale
  • Tope Idowu

Sound By: Peter Hodges , AMPS
Music: Michael Omer
Producer: Irene Kehinde Ladebo
Writer/Director: Ladi Ladebo



THE THRONE is the story of a modern-day PRINCE who attempts to subvert the traditional succession system to the throne. Set in a fictional African traditional city, the corrupt wealthy Prince defies the ancestral oracle, and declares a moral war on the same community he wishes to preside over. He forgets the saying that ‘those who the gods want to destroy, they first make mad!


This is a satire about Nigerian elite craze for power by any means possible.   Every successful businessman wants a traditional title at any price; same goes for university honorary titles; and for national honour, now, now, now! The periods of military rule 1966 up to 1990s witnessed in Nigeria pervasive tussles for traditional crown in all zones of the country without exception. Military style succession threatens to supplant the old-age tested systems of tribal traditional succession to the throne.