DADA -Diary of an Abandoned Child


Copyright©2010Raymond Ladebo

Johnny Williams, a young, debonair and friendly graduate student, was raised by a loving adoptive elderly couple. He started his life journey as an abandoned one day-old left in a basket at a Westchester church-front. His birth mother was a teenage blond-blue-eyed student who returned to her university in California; unable to find peace, even later as a professional magazine editor. Due to Johnny’s hair being peculiarly tangled from birth, he’s forced to permanently keep his hair in braids and to adopt the name DADA because he firmly believes his birth mother must have been from West Africa.

His university degree course in Social Anthropology may have been subconsciously driven by his burning desire to find the mother that abandoned him at birth. Furthermore, DADA’s fascination with the Yoruba culture and philosophy leads him on a life journey with many twists and turns, while he is also privileged to be drawn to and interact with a bewildered academic couple along the way. Obsessed with the Yoruba concept of the evolutionary journey of the soul, DADA adopts its philosophical worldview to narrate a story that reflects an interesting path of human destiny.

It is an ideal eBook title as supplementary reading in Social Anthropology, Sociology and Humanities.



IVIE- The Trafficked Spirit Girl



 Copyright©2011Raymond Ladebo

IVIE, Abiku-spirit girl was an only child of her sickly middle-aged mother, Amenze both dependent on each other for solace. The Yoruba mythical Abiku syndrome has remained an enigma to medical science because a child is born, dies, and is then reborn to the same mother while retaining the markings inflicted upon the body before it was buried.

The young girl was smart and graduated from secondary school before fifteen. She was sponsored to travel abroad for further education by her paternal Auntie Esomo who'd arranged with her wealthy daughter, Blessing, a prostitution Madam, to assist her little cousin, IVIE, to Italy.

Ivie found to her chagrin that her cousin, Blessing, popularly known as Queenie, was actually the “Madam” of a prostitution cartel who tried unsuccessfully to convince and cajole the innocent teenager to work as a prostitute in order to repay the mandatory and exorbitant amount of money claimed to have been expended to bring her to Italy. Queenie was greatly irritated when she discovered that Ivie would rather die than be coerced into prostitution. The relentless attempts by the ruthless Madam to forcefully coerce the innocent Abiku-Spirit Girl teenager into her prostitution cartel would lead to unexpected consequences.


AVAH-Escaping the Scourge of FGM


Copyright©2010Raymond Ladebo

AVAH – Fight against FGM is a fictional story of an adolescent daughter of an African diplomat who had first-hand knowledge of the FGM mortality rate as well as blood-chilling evidence of damaging afflictions when she was seven years old. Avah has since had a predilection, and is averse to the harmful practice; she truculently fights to avoid going for the same rite of passage rituals. Female circumcision is an age-old practice that up to 140 million women worldwide have been subjected to, with an annual estimate of 140,000 girls at risk of being victims.

The practice which is proven to be unhygienic, brutal and harmful varies from the partial to complete removal of a girl’s external genitalia, and at times involving infibulations. It occurs in more than twenty African countries, the U.S.A., U.K., Kurdistan, the Middle-East, North East, South East Asia, Australia, Canada, and some isolated tribes in India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and South America. It leaves girls and women victims of life-long physical and psychological trauma. There was relentless pestering and harassing from Avah’s extended family fueling incessant heated confrontations between the young girl and her mother including abduction attempts which finally culminated in sponsored daylight kidnapping on the streets of London with diplomatic involvement