The Orgarnization

Among international agencies for which we made special social development programs in recent years are the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), United Nations Information Center in Nigeria ; and the One World Group of Broadcasters. ONE WORLD ART-THE RIGHT TO HOPE series for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. PARIAH a documentary drama on Vesico Virginal Fistula (VVF) was produced for the 1994 ICPD – CAIRO in English, French and Hausa languages. Our 1995/96 39-Episode, half-hour series on Population and Development THE THRIFT COLLECTOR for the UNFPA, is one of the international SOAPS, exhibited at the 1997/98 season of the Rotterdam Museum of Ethnology.  In 1997, our independent (55 minute) production IN THE NAME OF TRADITION , about female circumcision, won two prizes at the 30th U.S. INTERNATIONAL FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL, the U.S. NATIONAL BLACK PROGRAMMING CONSORTIUM - PRIZED PIECES, and the 1998 British Medical  Association media award for  educational merit. The SYMBOLIC RITES is the Second and concluding part of the IN THE NAME OF TRADITION series.

Our independently produced social development film series are available on DVD for especially Public Television Stations, NGO's, Educational Institutions and International Agencies, at special prices; by contacting LADEBO FILMS LIMITED.

 The organization is headed by prize-winning filmmaker, Raymond Olasubomi OLADIPUPO LADEBO - who in the 1970s was one of Nigeria 's indigenous pioneer feature-film producers.  He had his higher education at the Bowling Green State University, Ohio, U.S.A. with B.Sc. in Business Administration; and the New York University Graduate School of Business, USA; with MBA in Marketing (1969).  After three years in advertising with the Ogilvy and Mather International Advertising Agency, 1969-72, LADI LADEBO began his film-making career as a Production Assistant on Hollywood feature films in New York City , before becoming a line-producer with Beckwith Associates Inc. a New York City based supplier of TV programs for Network Television in the United States .  He packaged and produced two major feature films, with international cast and crew for KUSINI (1974) and BISI - DAUGHTER OF THE RIVER (1976). 

The films THE THRONE (1998)35mm; and BABA ZAK (2000)35mm;.and HERITAGE - 92 minutes, Super 16mm/Colour, (2003) -the latest of our advocacy type, social development enlightenment films series by LADI LADEBO PRODUCTIONS. To be released on DVD.

At the  2003 - Third edition of the Lagos International Film Forum, the Independent Television Producers Association of Nigeria (ITPAN), LADI LADEBO was given a special award  for long term professional contribution to the Film and Video industry.  He won a similar 'Long Term Professional Contribution' award at the Second  Nigerian National Film/Video Festival in 2003, organized by the  Nigerian Film Corporation.

  IRENE KEHINDE LADEBO- the Organization's Line Producer, began her career in the film industry as a production assistant.  She worked her way up in various production capacities and served as Production Office Manager on (16mm) films including VENDOR (1986), EEWO-TABOO (1993); and THE COLLECTIVE TASK (1993). Her first producing credits were as co-producer on PARIAH 16mm (1994), and as Line-Producer on LLP'S 39-episode TV Series, THE THRIFT COLLECTOR-TC, on Population and Development in 1995-96 for the UNFPA/UNICEF/UNIFEM; and in 1997 on the company's independent production of a two-part program on female circumcision, titled IN THE NAME OF TRADITION , and which won two international Video awards in the USA and one in the U.K..  Her other Producer credits are, THE THRONE (1998) 35mm; BABA ZAK (2000) 35mm; and HERITAGE (2003).




G.C.E Ordinary Level- Yaba College of Technology – 1958-62 
B.Sc Business Administration-Bowling Green State University , OHIO , U.S.A. 1965-68 
M.B.A Marketing-1969- New York University Graduate School of Business-1969.  

Trainee & Account Executive- Ogylvy & Mather Inc. New York City USA- 1970-1973                                                                                                                                                                               


Line Producer-One-Hour film for CBS Network Television –
1974 TODAY IS OURS - Children Film Series for Beckwith Production Company Inc,
New York City .
1974 COUNTDOWN AT KUSINI – A (35mm) feature film, on location in Nigeria;
Written by Ossie Davis and Ladi Ladebo; Producer – Ladi Ladebo; Director – Ossie Davis.
1975 A 30 minute (35mm) promotional documentary for FESTAC'77
Co-Authored and Produced on location in Nigeria , a Feature Film:
1976/77 BISI DAUGHTER OF THE RIVER( 35mm) film for Cineventures Nigeria Limited.
1984 THE CHILDREN OF GOD I – A 50-minute (16mm) film documentary on the
Aladura Pentecostals of Nigeria . Produced/Directed by Ladi Ladebo.
1986 THE CHILDREN OF GOD II – A 50-minute (16mm) film documentary on
The Aladura Pentecostals of Nigeria . Produced/Directed by Ladi Ladebo.
1986/87 VENDOR – A 95-minute (16mm )feature film by Ladi Ladebo.
Adapted for Social Mobilisation by the MAMSER Agency; for television broadcasts
1989 EEWO-TABOO – 80 minute (16mm) feature film; WINNER of HONOURABLE MENTION at the 1989 PRIZED PIECES by the National Black Programming Consortium, Columbus, OHIO, U.S.A.. A SECOND PRIZE WINNER – 1992 NIGERIAN NATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. A52 minute Television adaptation of EEWO-TABOO tele-movie For TV broadcast and special distribution to the LIFE CLUBS in Nigerian educational institutions by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA.
1992 TOWARDS A BETTER LIVING – A 14 minute video documentary on Population and Family Planning for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) 19893 World Population Day.
1992 NATIONAL POPULATION POLICY – What Does It Mean? A video documentary on the need to match population growth rate to Nigeria 's available resources. Produced for the UNFPA/UNESCO.
1992 THE SILENT SUFFERERS – A 30 minute special documentary on Vesico Vaginal Fistulae, VVF. Produced for the National Commission for Women in Collaboration with the UNESCO/UNFPA.
1993 COLLECTIVE TASK - A 30 minute docu-drama on Women's Rights for the United Nations Information Centre/UNFPA/NETHERLANDS EMBASSY IN NIGERIA; as a resource video for the JUNE 1993 WORLD CONFERECE ON HUMAN RIGHTS, IN Vienna ,, Austria .
1994 PARIAH – A 70-minute documentary drama film produced for United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) for the Cairo International Conference on Population and Development. Dubbed into French and Hausa for distribution in Africa .
1994 NIKE DAVIS : The Batik Artist – A 10-minute special documentary made as an episode in an international television series by ONE WORLD GROUP OF BROAD CAST, for the celebration of 50 th Anniversary of the United Nations – “ONE WORLD ART – THE RIGHT TO HOPE”. The special series of 40 ART PROGRAMS was broadcast on all Public Television Stations around the world.
1995/96 THE THRIFT COLLECTOR – A 39-Episodes (30min) Television Drama Series on Population and Development for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) for Broadcast and Distribution, as IEC Resource videos, in Nigeria, and Africa. Series available on Johns Hopkins University media bank.
1997/98 IN THE NAME OF TRADITION – Educational Docu-soap on female circumcision. WINNER at the 30th Edition – U.S. International Film + Video Festival ( FOR CREATIVE EXCELLENCE) and the U.S. National Black Programming Consortium – PRIZED PIECES – IN THE NAME OF TRADITION II – SYMBOLIC RITES the concluding episode of the 2 – Part Series. (46min)
1998/99 THE THRONE – 35mm feature length satire Docu-soap Film on the African elite craze for power. Made for worldwide distribution as a Tele-movie (85mins)
2000 BABA ZAK 35mm Feature Film. Sensitisation on GIRL-CHILD Education and early marriage. A finalist at the FESPACO 2001 Film Festival.
2003 HERITAGE, on Super 16mm/Colour , 92 minutes approximately. Released on DVD. This film is about the illegal smuggling of Antiquities out of Africa . Also Available with French subtitles.